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Public Health Surveillance and Infectious Disease

TB Meningitis

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 TB meningitis is very serious!  If you have young children who are high risk contacts (often in the home), please make sure providers, parents, families are educated about the risk of TB meningitis.  Nonreversible serious neurological symptoms or death may occur.

The best thing is to have young children evaluated with a provider, a two-view chest X-ray completed, then started on window therapy or treatment for LTBI or disease, based upon findings.  Any child under five years of age who is a high-risk contact needs an evaluation right away.   Retesting may need to occur 8-10 weeks since the last date of exposure. 

While it is preferred to send children to a pediatric infectious disease provider—rural providers can do evaluations and prescribe therapy.  The NE DHHS Public Health program does have a pediatric TB consultant available.