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Public Health Emergencies

East-Central District Health Department works closely with federal, state and local officials to gather and share information about health emergencies that affect our region.  Information, updates, and resources can be found here and on our East Central District Health Department Facebook page.

  • Notice: The City of Fullerton has received notice of their drinking water exceeding the maximum selenium contaminant level. The City has two municipal wells that provide drinking water to the community. These wells are regularly tested for multiple contaminants including selenium. The 61-1 well exceeds the State of Nebraska contaminant level for selenium but the 99-1 has consistently tested safe. Thus the City has switched operations from the 61-1 well to the 99-1 well. The water is safe to drink. 61-1 will remain offline until testing reveals it is safe to use. The City of Fullerton and DHHS will continue to monitor this problem and the community will be notified of any changes. If you have any questions of concerns, please contact James Kramer, City Administrator, at 308-536-2428