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Every Woman Matters

East Central offers Every Woman Matters (EWM), a federally funded program that pays for office visits associated with Pap tests, pelvic exams, clinical breast exams and lab fees.  Age appropriate mammography is covered as well as a limited number of diagnostic tests. 

EWM provides services to medically under-served women 40-74.  EWM provides screening and diagnostic tests, public education, professional education and training, surveillance, evaluation and quality assurance activities.

Screenings offered by East Central's EWM program

(Screening means regular testing, to see if a person is healthy or sick).

Breast and cervical cancer screening:
• Pelvic exam
• Pap test
• Clinical breast exam
• Screening mammogram

Heart disease and diabetes screening:
• Blood pressure check
• Cholesterol check
• Blood sugar (glucose) check
• Health and wellness information


Clients that have been screened and have at least one risk factor may be eligible to take part in FREE or reduced cost Healthy Behavior Support Services through a local Health Coach.  These support services help clients reach their weight, fitness, and nutrition goals.